Austin to Houston for $35

A magical way to
travel city-to-city


See a wait time for your ride

There’s no pre-scheduling required with Krew. Simply open the app, see a wait time, reserve a spot, and pay.

Check in at a Krew Stop

In order to confirm your spot, arrive 10-15 minutes in advance and check-in. Enjoy a coffee or a meal at our stop.

Match with your driver

We’ll send you a notification the minute your driver arrives. Find your driver outside the stop and meet your Krew.

Out of this world Krew experience

Enjoy fresh pillows, blankets, and snacks during your journey. We’re always looking to improve the Krew experience.








It’s easy. If you’re headed to a location anyway, simply hop on the Krew app and click a button to begin receiving requests. You don’t have to pre-plan or commit to anything. Drive by a Krew Stop, pick up some passengers, and monetize.


If you’re a regular rideshare driver, this is a great opportunity for you. Earn up to $25-30 per hour for driving long-distances. The coolest part is that we pay you for driving to another city and back. And, you’ll get to meet great people along the way.

It's a new concept. It's a better one too.

Here are some common questions and answers

Wait times are based on the amount of demand we have when you open the app. You can check a wait time and reserve a spot from the comfort of your home. No longer do you have to pre-schedule a ride - it's great!
Currently, we have launched on iOS but not Android. We're working dilligently to get that out to you all. Fill in your email at the top of the page to recieve an update when we launch on Android.
We're operating between Austin and Houston. Have a route that you think we should expand into? Send us an email at
We have one stop near Downtown Austin and one near Katy Mills Mall in Houston. We'll be adding new stops soon!
The price can range from $30 - $40, depending on the day and time that you decide to take a ride. Busy times will naturally result in slightly higher prices.
Plan to hop on the app an hour before you would like to leave. You don't have to "book" way in advance or schedule anything. Example: If you want to leave your origin city near 2:00 PM, aim to hop on the Krew App by 1:00 PM.